Preaching Workshop 2015




Feb 26-27 – Thursday 7pm – Friday 9am-1pm
Pastor Jerry D. Locke will conduct this workshop.
Feb 27-28 – Friday 7pm – Saturday 10am-2:30pm
“Preaching Workshop”
Hosted by: Pastors Jerry D. Locke and Darrell W. Sparks, with guest teacher Pastor David Pitman
Lake Worth Baptist Church
4445 Hodgkins Road
Fort Worth TX 76135
Jerry D. Locke (817-825-8991)


Dr Pat BrineyWORLD VIEW Week

Sept  21-24

 Dr. Pat Briney

Former Atheist

 Associate Pastor at Mission Blvd Baptist, Fayetteville

Campus minister at the University of Arkansas

 Ph.D in Micro-Biology

Founder and President of  “Leadership Training Institute of America”

 “This will be a life-changing week…don’t miss it”

What is the Gospel

WITG“What is the Gospel?”  While people are very familiar with the term Gospel, most are confused about the truth of the gospel.  The word “gospel” is frequently used, but seldom understood.

Join us for a series of messages on the subject of the Gospel.

Love Series

What Kind of Love is This

Love series:

“What Kind of Love Is This?”

During the 11am service

Follow the links below to see and hear each message:

Reasonable Love – We Love God because He First Loved Us

Real Love – Loving the Lord with all our Heart, Soul and Mind

Rival Loves – Loves that Steal our Love for God

Rejected Love – Understanding God’s Jealous Love

Radical Love – Love that Surrenders All and Serves Forever

Reclaimed Love – Recovering our First Love

Responsible Love – Loving Other Christians with a Jealous Love

Revolting Love – The Hate God Loves

Recovered Love – Lovest thou Me?